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Turbo Convection Oven

A turbo convection oven cooks food fast and is easy to clean; this is why it is gaining popularity all over the world.

These ovens do not look like the normal ovens; rather, some look almost like goldfish bowls! We’ve highlighted quite a few pictures of turbo convection ovens on this site.

You have to place the food in this turbo convection oven and cover it with the oven top.

A fan and a heater is in the top, heating elements are obviously hidden and heat is not directly radiated on the food.

This leads to cooking in an even manner which means that the top part of the food item will not burn.

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Food is usually placed on the turbo convection oven’s grill so that hot air can also be circulated underneath it. An added advantage of using a turbo convection oven is that grease and fat is allowed to drip off while cooking. Cleaning of this type of oven is also much easier than a normal oven because of the bottom lining.

Types of Turbo Convection Ovens

As far as the types of turbo convection ovens are concerned, some of them may also be hybrids, which come with a combination of infra red and halogen. Most of the turbo convection ovens (also called just a ‘turbo oven’) also come with a high grill and a low grill so that food can be cooked at two levels in the same time. 

A combination handle or stand is also provided with some of the models, which is useful in keeping the heated oven off the counter surface. The bowls of a turbo oven can reach up to 10-12 quarters and may range in diameter between 12-14 inches. Some also come with extender rings which allow the bowl’s height to be extended, when necessary. This feature is helpful while cooking large food items.

  turbo convection ovens  convection oven  turbo ovens  convection ovens

Turbo Oven  Advantages

There are several advantages of using turbo convection ovens over microwaves and toaster ovens. Some of these are as follows:

  • There is no need of pre-heating the turbo oven.
  • The glass bowl can be easily cleaned.
  • Cooking progress can be easily monitored with the help of the transparent glass bowl.
  • The turbo oven is a versatile device that can be used for diverse applications. 
  • This kind of turbo convection oven can also be used as steamer.
  • The oven gets hot enough so that meat and skin can be made crisp. Most of the ovens can even reach a temperature of 450-500 degree F.
  • The glass bowl is attractive to look at and it can even be used for serving food directly on the table.



Turbo Convection Oven – Buying Considerations

Glass bowls are more durable than plastic bowls and they do not discolor due to heat. However, the only drawback of using glass bowls is that they are able to break easily when dropped.

While buying a turbo convection oven, you have to make sure that the glass bowl that is coming with it is from a well known manufacturer so that it is of good quality.

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